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Exercise to try: Turkish Getup

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say
  • "This workout will get your heart rate up with absolutely no gym/weights required! When you're strapped for time but want to feel the burn, this is your routine. One time through will have you sweating by the end!"
    Jaylen Q.
  • "I have been blessed to be able to work out on a regular basis since I was 14.  I have known all along that I was pretty sloppy with my technique when it came to lifting weights and performing the various exercises.  Structured Physique has a passion for performing the lifts and exercises properly.  That passion is contagious.  I have made more progress and improvement in the last 5 years than in the previous 40 years of working out.  I think the number one thing that I appreciate about the program devised for me is that it is a total wellness program.  It is not designed to help me look better, but to help me feel and function better.  All my wellness scores have improved when tested by physicians since being on their program."
    Mike C.


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  • Why Hire a Dallas Personal Trainer?

    A Dallas Personal Trainer for Your Busy Schedule

    Sometimes it’s hard to fit fitness training into your busy Dallas schedule. It’s easy to neglect your health when working out never seems easy or convenient. Here at Structured Physique, we know how busy you are, and how much you need your workouts to de-stress and stay in shape. That’s why we offer you 4 personal trainers to choose from in Dallas: So you can find a way to work us into your schedule.

    Every Dallas personal trainer at Structured Physique trains our clients the same way. Of course, each of us have our own personalities and our own twist on the exercises, but you can be sure that meeting with any of our personal trainers is going to get you a great workout. The foundation of your workouts remains the same, no matter which of our fitness trainers you are working out with. This means that if you can’t make a training session with your scheduled trainer, rescheduling your workout with one of our other personal trainers is easy. Workouts are only effective if you do them, so we do our best to make sure that you don’t miss a workout!

    Before every workout with us, your certified fitness trainer will review your fitness and health goals and progress to customize a workout that maximizes your results and makes the best use of your exercise time.. We want you to have the most effective workout in the time that you have set aside for exercise.

    Personal Trainer Dallas: Proper Technique Prevents Injuries

    At Structured Physique, we emphasize proper technique and form during your private trainer sessions. Using proper technique and form not only minimizes the risk of injury to ligaments and joints, it also ensures that you are getting maximum benefit from your workout. The efficacy of any workout depends on not just how many reps and sets you do of each exercise, but upon your form and technique when performing the exercise. You’ve shared your fitness goals with us, so we make sure that you’re performing the exercises with a technique that is designed to meet your goals.

    Dallas Personal Trainers Come to Your Office or Home

    Our Dallas personal training staff meets with you where you workout: In your private club. your home gym, your office, or your apartment building gym. Our in-home or in-office personal training sessions are as effective as a gym workout — we make certain of that.

    Benefits of Hiring a Dallas Personal Fitness Trainer

    Without the accountability and guidance of a personal trainer, your journey towards your fitness and exercise goals will be a lot more arduous and difficult. When you have total confidence in your fitness coach, you will see results much faster.Your trainer will help keep you motivated towards reaching your goals.

    Your personal trainer is there not for you to have a shoulder to cry on; rather, he is the person that holds you accountable to your own goals and desires. It will be his way of dealing with your weaknesses, his expertise in making you realize that more effort is sometimes required from you that makes the difference between success and failure.

    Here are seven reasons to hire a Dallas, Texas personal trainer:

    • You have someone to hold you accountable for keeping your workouts. Knowing that someone has an appointment with you means that you have to show up!
    • You will be shown what exercises and techniques work, and therefore get results much faster.
    • You will avoid personal injury from incorrect training methods.
    • Your trainer will aid you with clear, sharp focus on your goals.
    • Regular fitness coaching is going to help you to keep a focus on reaching your outcome.
    • Your personal trainer will boost your enthusiasm and keep you charged with positive energy.
    • You will know when to push forward with determination and when to be patient, to relax and to re-focus your efforts.


    When you use the motivation and exercise techniques of a personal trainer who is excellent at his job, you’re going to enjoy your fitness routine much more. When you actually enjoy your workouts, it’s easier to show up and do them enthusiastically. That enthusiasm and drive to reach your goal means that you will reach it that much faster. A certified personal trainer provides you with the knowledge, techniques and motivation to attain your ideal physique.

     How to Choose a Dallas Personal Trainer

    Choosing a private fitness trainer is a very important decision. You want to be successful in attaining your fitness goals, so you need to find the right guidance and advice. Our certified fitness trainers are trained in both the physiology of fitness and the psychology of reward and motivation to keep you on track on those days when working out is the last thing you want to do. Your trainer will help you stay on-track toward your fitness goals.

    Find a personal trainer Dallas with these qualities:


    An empathetic personal trainer is more effective. A trainer who understands your challenges and your love for bread –even though you know you shouldn’t for health reasons– makes you more comfortable sharing your challenges and issues. Being open with your fitness trainer is important so that he or she will be able to create a program that will address the root cause of your health concerns and fitness challenges. A good personal trainer will help you over the rough spots.

    Great communication skills

    A good relationship is established and maintained through open communication. Someone who can properly articulate the things you need to do will enable you to stick to your nutrition and meal plans and perform your workouts  more effectively. A good fitness trainer should be able to give you clear instructions and encourage and motivate you during your most challenging times.


    Ideally, you personal trainer should set the best example for diet and exercise. By setting a good example, you will have the motivation and inspiration to keep going until you achieve your fitness goals. If your trainer asks you to watch what you eat, he or she better be doing the same thing too!


    In any aspect of life, this quality is important. In working towards achieving your goal, your chosen fitness training professional should be disciplined enough with time management and in the implementation of fitness program to make sure that you get the maximum results in the time you have set aside. The time that you dedicate to work on your health should not be taken for granted or wasted.


    Organized personal trainers help you get back on track when you drift away from your exercise goal due to your busy schedule. Whatever issue that may come up while you are training will be easily ironed out so that you both can still work together towards achieving your best health. It may be a scheduling issue, or one of making time to work out. An organized person sets a good example for her clients.


    More than anyone else, your personal trainer should be passionate about health, exercise, and wellness. Find someone who is willing to exhaust his knowledge and skills in coaching you, and who won’t give up on you, even after that pint of ice cream you ate last Saturday. If you have a very dedicated personal trainer beside you, you can get the best health transformation experience.

    Structured Physique is Your Dallas Personal Trainer

    We want to be your personal trainers in Dallas, Texas. Check out our locations to see where we’re currently training clients. We’re always adding new locations, so just let us know what is convenient for you. We also will come to your office, apartment gym, or private home gym. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to stick to your fitness regimen and get the results you want from your fitness routine. We work out with you when you want to — in your home, office, or private gym — to get you the body that makes you proud to look in the mirror. Call us today at (469) 585-9365, or use the convenient appointment booking button found on this page. Let us help you meet your fitness goals with our private Dallas personal training services.