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Nutrition + Exercise = Success

At Structured Physique, we know that our clients get the best results when diet and nutrition are addressed along with exercise. All the workouts in the world won’t get a client the body that they want unless diet and nutrition are part of the client’s overall fitness plan. Our nutritional counseling services address the gap between your workout and your fridge, and help you plan to make nutritional choices that support your workouts and your fitness goals.

Dieting Alone Is Not the Answer

Dieting alone is not a long-term answer for weight loss. If you go on a diet, you restrict yourself from eating certain foods for a short period of time. You may lose some weight while you are on the diet, but as soon as you stop dieting, the pounds will return. Dieting starts a vicious cycle of eating to lose a few pounds, then gaining the weight back, then dieting again. While you are dieting, your body is unhealthy, and starved for the nutrition that it needs.

Structured Physique’s nutritional counseling services help clients find an eating plan that meets their weight loss goals without sacrificing the pleasure that eating brings. We work with our clients to find out what healthy foods they enjoy eating, and also what their “guilty pleasure” cravings are so we can brainstorm healthy alternatives.

Nutritional Counselors Find Healthy Alternatives
to Your “Guilty Pleasure” Foods

For example, if a client likes the mouthfeel and salty crunch of chips and salsa, a better alternative might be crunchy celery dipped in salsa, to satisfy that “crunchy food” craving. Creatively coming up with nutritionally smarter alternatives is part of what nutrition counseling addresses. We all realize that our nutritional counseling clients are more likely to focus on healthy choices if we’ve brainstormed alternatives to the unhealthy “comfort foods” we all sometimes crave.

Ultimately, the answer to weight loss is making sound nutritional and exercise choices. If you are eating the right foods, in the right quantities, and getting all of the nutrients that your body requires, then you will naturally lose weight. The best part of losing weight through lifestyle changes is that you are unlikely to gain the weight back. Nutritional counseling for weight loss and fitness gives you the tools you need to lose the weight permanently.

Our Nutritional Counselors Show You
What Nutrients You’re Missing

Because we may eat plenty of vegetables, many of us think we know how to eat properly. The truth is that although we do need vegetables in our diet, we also need the right amounts of different vegetables in order to be healthy. And if we are not consuming the proper nutrients, we will not feel satisfied, and we will be more prone to weight gain, depression, hair loss, and fatigue.

Structured Physique Nutritional Counseling
Addresses Eating and Exercise

When you sign up for Structured Physique nutritional counseling, the first thing you can expect is for us to take the time to know you, know your habits, and know how you eat. We learn about your current eating plan, what foods seem to make you gain weight, which ones trigger bad eating habits, and which foods make you feel healthy and energized. This allows us to create an eating plan just for you.

Once we get to know you, we can educate you on the right foods for your body, activity level, and fitness goals. Together we will brainstorm effective strategies for making sure that you have plenty of healthy, tasty food available during your busy days so you’ll be less likely to go “off-plan” and sabotage your fitness goals by mis-eating.

We also talk about:

— Your body’s vitamin requirements

— Nutritional supplementation to meet your nutrient requirements

— What foods to eat to get what vitamins

— How to properly prepare your foods so they retain their beneficial vitamins

— Where to shop to find the foods that you need

We at Structured Physique help our clients meet their goals by addressing eating and exercise together. Call us today at (469) 585-9365 today for a complimentary evaluation of your fitness goals, and find out how Structured Physique can help you have the body that you want.

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