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At Structured Physique, our certified personal trainers design your fitness program using the Optimum Performance Model — a proven systematic and integrated approach that allows us to structure and customize our clients’ workouts to help them attain their fitness goals faster. This model results in concurrent improvements in flexibility, balance, and strength.

We offer certified personal trainers in Uptown, Highland Park, and University Park.  Our certified fitness trainers can meet with you at many locations in the Dallas, Texas area. Just ask us, and we’ll find a location that works for you.

Your ideal body is within your reach. Come train with us and get results that you can be proud of.

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Alfred Gonzales, Jr.

Alfred is the owner of Structured Physique, LP and serves as the Director of Fitness Services. His knowledge, business expertise and experience as a personal trainer have helped formulate a successful and systematic approach to the health and fitness industry. Alfred is committed to continuing education in order to stay current on the latest findings about the science of exercise performance.
He maintains the following certifications:

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • CIAR Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Optimum Performance Training
  • CIAR Biomechanics of Resistance Training

    Juan Castillo

    Juan is head of Personal Training and serves as Chief Operations of Trainer Development. He has well over 10 years of fitness and personal training experience. Juan is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he served as an Infantry Rifleman. He maintains the following certifications:

    • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
    • CIAR Biomechanics of Resistance Training

    Jessica Jasper

    Jessica is a Personal Trainer and a Massage Therapist, she also administers and serves as the rehabilitative instructor. Jessica graduated from Parker University School of Massage Therapy and completed the 600-hour COMTA Certified Program. She implements personal training with our neuromuscular therapy and corrective exercise program. She maintains the following certifications:

    • Parker University: Certified Massage Therapist
    • Parker University: Accupressure
    • Parker University: Myofascial Release
    • CIAR Biomechanics of Resistance Training

    Robin Bancroft

    Robin is director of massage therapy and serves as the on-site massage coordinator. She graduated from Hands on Approach School of Massage and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2001. Robin is also the owner of The Body Shop, an on-site table and chair massage service. She maintains the following certifications:

    • LMT Success: Medical Massage Therapist
    • Hands On Approach: Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage
    • Hands On Approach: Pathology & Kinesiology
    • John F. Barnes MF: Fascial-Pelvis
    • John F. Barnes MF: Myofascial 1 & 2

    Tina Bernett Allen

    TINA BERNET ALLEN has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, teaching cardiovascular classes at several of Dallas’ top studios and health clubs, as well as instructing and developing resistance training programs for individuals and groups in the gym and in the home.

    Tina has been named the “Top Female Personal Trainer in DFW” by the Personal Trainers Hall of Fame in August 2012. Tina was also recently chosen out of over 5000 other trainers to be published in a book titled , “Interviews with Top Personal Trainers: Ask The Experts.”

    Tina currently participates as a guest and co-host on “The Train Station Fitness Show” on The Ticket Sports Radio 1310AM. Tina also co-hosts as the fitness expert on “One Life Radio” 1190AM, a show dedicated to teaching listeners all over the world about improving their physical, mental and emotional health.

    Tina’s specialty is high intensity resistance training and “burst” training with the goal of creating a “metabolic effect” that teaches the body to be not only stronger and more fit, but better at burning fat. She has worked with a broad range of clients of all ages with many different goals, including neuromuscular and functional development, fat-loss, strength training and endurance training. She maintains the following certifications:

    • B.A., Kinesiology
    • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America: Certified Personal Trainer
    • Cooper Institute of Aerobics Research: Biomechanics of Resistance Training
    • National Strength and Conditioning Association: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
    • CPR Certified

    Bryan Riley

    Bryan Riley is a personal trainer and avid sports fan. His strong athletic background in football coincides with his passion for fitness. He has extensive experience in both customer service and marketing. His ability to develop a strong relationship with clients allows them to achieve their desired fitness goals.

    He maintains the following certifications:

    • B.A., Political Science/ Minor in English from Regis University
    • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America: Certified Personal Trainer
    • Cooper Institute of Aerobics Research: Certified Personal Trainer
    • Cooper Institute of Aerobics Research: Biomechanics of Resistance Training
    • CPR Certified

    Marco Wade

    Marco is our Chairman of Integrative Health Coaching and serves as the Administrator of Nutritional Counseling. Marco has been in the health and fitness industry for well over 22 years. He graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition which is the world’s largest nutrition school. He has studied and researched extensively over a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. He has a in-depth comprehension of nutrition systems from Ayurveda, gluten-free and Paleo to raw, vegan and macrobiotics.

    He maintains the following certifications:

    • Institute of Integrative Nutrition: Licensed Health Coach
    • Professional Fitness Instructor Training: Certified Personal Trainer
    • Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research: Certified Personal Trainer

    April Blackman

    April serves as our Mobility Specialist and oversees our Flexibility and Mobility Program. April has been an ACE certified personal trainer since 1993 with a Masters degree in Exercise Science. She has over 20 years of experience in developing various stretching and strengthening programs for individual and group training.
    April has a unique blend of sports-specific and therapeutic techniques that is coupled with joint mobility and core stability training. April’s education & training helps clients create the balance they need for their everyday activities.

    She maintains the following certifications:

    • Wichita State University: M.A. Exercise Science/Physiology
    • American Council on Exercise: Certified Personal Trainer
    • White Lotus Foundation: Certified Yoga Instructor
    • Mobility|WOD Certified Movement Specialist

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